William Ransom play Oughton in the Wix Trophy 2013-2014

Charlie, who was captain this week after his exemplary play last week, was the first to score from a series of forward passes by Ben and Oliver. The second goal from Ben was an amazing shot into the top corner from just inside their half.

The third goal came from a long pass across the goal mouth by Oliver to Charlie who flipped it up into the top of the net. Just before half time we thought that Oughton were about to score as Louix was left alone by the defence to face the attacking players, but he bravely stepped forward and wrong footed the striker and fell on the ball. After a lot of supportive play and fancy footwork by Oliver he was rewarded by scoring his own goal just before the half time whistle.

The second half saw a complete rearrangement of the team. Taylor, ever persistent on the ball shot and the goal keeper could not get the ball out from between his feet and took the ball into his own net. Determined to score without assistance Taylor tried again and forced an error by the keeper, however third time lucky, he kicked from a distance and the keeper was unable to stop the goal.

Oughtom scored a great goal low and hard which raised morale but Edward managed the eighth goal just before the whistle.

Well done to all who played and to our parents once again for their support.

A-team-Charlie(Captain),Louix GK, Ben,Tyler,Oliver,Edward,Christopher,Taylor.