World Book Day comes to William Ransom!

For World Book Day 2019 we decided to try something different! We wrote a story all together class by class involving objects brought in by the teachers!

The objects were all put into a large sack and this was passed from class to class. They then added the next part of the story using one object from the sack.

By lunchtime we had a full story which Mrs Driver read out in assembly.

This is our World Book Day Story for 2019

Once upon a time, on a sunny, golden beach there was a kind girl called Emma. She was building a giant sandcastle when suddenly a dark cloud came over and it started to pour with rain. She felt sad and angry because her sandcastle was being washed away by the wet rain. She was just about to go when she saw something gold and sparkly sticking out of the sand. Emma couldn’t stop staring at it so she picked it up. It was a shiny golden trophy!

Emma looked closely and saw the words, “Rub me” engraved on the trophy. She thought something bad might happen if she ignored the message so she took a deep breath and rubbed.  There was a puff of smoke and a unicorn appeared! It was pink with a rainbow mane and tail. Emma was amazed! The unicorn said, “You may have 3 wishes. Use them wisely…” Emma was cold and started to shiver. What could she wish for?

She had always wanted to go to the circus so she closed her eyes and wished hard. Suddenly, she found herself sitting in a circus tent.

There she saw the Ring Master wearing his black top hat. He was trying to teach the lions to jump through flaming hoops! Emma also saw some trapeze artists flying through the air. ‘OH, no!’ shouted Emma, as she saw the swing break!

The trapeze artists fell through the air, landed on a huge trampoline and bounced right out of the tent, but managed to catch onto the rope hand-rail running along the bridge outside.

Emma was watching in shock. She remembered her three wishes. “I wish that I could save the trapeze artists,” she cried.

 At that moment, she saw two elephants appear right by where the trapeze artists were hanging. “If only I could get those elephants to help,” she thought. Emma looked around for inspiration and saw the gift shop. Popcorn? No. Candy floss? Useless.

Suddenly, her eyes caught a glimpse of something shiny reflecting back at her. Binoculars, perfect. Emma held them up to her eyes and instantly realised that she was able to control the elephants from the magic binoculars. “Now link your trunks together to save the trapeze artist from falling,” she begged.

The elephants’ trunks came together gracefully as if they were dancing. “Wow!” cried Emma, “I can’t believe it worked!” The trapeze artists were safe and the show could go on.

However, before they went back into the tent, one of the trapeze artists walked over to Emma to thank her. She noticed the trapeze handle in his hand as he was putting it in her hand. He explained that the handle was magical and would transport her to anywhere she wished to go.

Many years ago, he had been passed the handle and had imagined he was working in the circus.  With a flash, he had appeared in the circus and had been working there ever since. It was now time to pass the magic on.

Trembling with anticipation and excitement, Emma reached out and carefully took the handle from the trapeze artist’s hand.  Holding onto the handle tightly with both hands, Emma closed her eyes.  Her face screwed up in concentration; she thought hard about where she wanted to go. 

She pictured the lush, green vegetation of an African plain with elephants playfully squirting water at each other next to a watering hole. 

She felt a sudden spinning, whirling sensation. 

As she gazed down at her hands, they slowly faded away.  Emma vanished from the circus and reappeared, not in the Africa of her dreams but …..  on the golden sands of a desert island.  This wasn’t where she was supposed to be!

She sat down, confused, and felt something hard beneath the sand.  Curiously, she scooped away handfuls of sand and eventually uncovered an old, battered treasure chest with a shiny key already in the lock.  She slowly turned the key and threw back the lid.

She gasped. This was not what she anticipated at all, but then today, nothing was turning out as she expected. “Perfect!” she said to herself, taking out the small, blue bottle of ….sun cream! “How is this supposed to be any help?” she whined in desperation delving back into the treasure chest.  “What else is there? There must be something that can help me ….. a toothbrush …. a pear … a carrot … a salt pot …. tissues …. a whistle!  Who packed this treasure chest?”

Slowly and carefully, Emma grasped the whistle.  She scrutinised it.  How could it help?  “What’s the worst that could happen?” she groaned.

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! screamed the whistle.

A cloud of pink glitter started to rise from the sand like a tornado and who should appear?  

A  unicorn!  But not just any unicorn – a pink, fluffy unicorn with a rainbow mane. 

Emma jumped on its back and glided swiftly across the sky back to the safety and comfort of her sofa.

The end


Well done to all the children of William Ransom School who made this story possible.

Now, who brought in all of those bizarre objects?