Year 3 Home Learning – Summer Week 7

We’ve seen some more fantastic work this week and we are so proud of how you are all doing, keep up the good work!

Please aim to do some daily Maths and English/other foundation work.

As usual, you can contact us on email or via twitter @Year3WR for any support or clarification that you need.

Miss Hallahan –

Mrs Tite –


This week in Maths we are continuing with addition and subtraction. There are individual links below to each day’s video as we are following the alternative White Rose plan. (Sheets are all saved below).

You can see the notes from last week on how to use jottings/manipulatives to help with working out but hopefully by now the children are familiar with the different methods.

Please continue to use the Classroom secrets Varied Fluency and Problem Solving and reasoning sheets as extra/alternatives if children prefer them and find the White Rose work too hard/easy.

Watch the video for each day and complete the relevant worksheet (all saved below with answer sheets).

Monday – Add two 3-digit numbers – crossing 10 or 100

Tuesday – Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number – no exchange

Wednesday –  Subtract a 3 digit number from a 3-digit number – exchange

Thursday – Estimate answers to calculations

Friday – Check answers – using the inverse operation (no video)


Follow the daily lessons from BBC bitesize –


Oak National Academy – for teaching led lessons that don’t require printing – just remember that whichever unit you choose to start from lesson 1 –


Hamilton Home Learning (see below. This week focuses on report writing using Lego Star Wars and Cbeebies games for inspiration).

Complete some reading/ a reading comprehension on First News or Fiction Express. The latest editions of First News can be found here – and here

SPAG Grammar Mats 4,5,6.


Read through the Powerpoint entitiled ‘Embrace our differences’ and create a poster or poem to show what you have learnt. (This may support you in some conversations around the recent news, which I hope you will agree are important conversations to have with your children). Children can also read more about it on Newsround here –


Look through the ‘What is pointillism?’ powerpoint then the images in Pointilism Mountains. Choose your favourite and recreate it. You’ll need paint and an instrument to ‘paint’ with (I like to use the non-brush end of the paintbrush or a very, very thin brush. If you don’t have paint you can create a similar image using felt-tips or colouring pencils.) Gently sketch a rough outline in light pencil, then think about which colours you will use where. Start at the top of the page and work down so you don’t smudge paint and try to stick to one colour at a time or you’ll need multiple brushes/implements.


Before you start – can you name the 5 oceans and 7 continents and locate them on a world map? Can you point to the UK? France? Spain? Italy? Which other countries and capitals can you name?

Look at the Map of Mountain Ranges of the world and choose one to research. ( ).

Answer the Mountain Research Questions.

Can you think of any other interesting ways to show what you have learnt? Perhaps make a leaflet, poster, powerpoint, video…


Unfortunately our trial with Language Nut for French is coming to an end so you won’t be able to use it for much longer, but you can try these instead –

Have a great week and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help with anything.