Year 4 – Home Learning 2.11.20 – 4.11.20

We hope you’ve all had a lovely half term despite having to stay indoors.  We can see from the photos you’ve sent us that you’ve managed to be very creative with your time – thanks for sharing! There are just three more days of home learning and then we can all be together again at school. We have three more activities for you to complete each day which are set out below.

We are aware a lot of the work set for the next three days relies on the children having access to a device and the internet.  Although feedback from the home learning survey confirmed children have access to devices and the internet, we do understand some children might be using shared devices and we know the order in which they complete these tasks may need to change slightly to fit around your own individual circumstances.  We have uploaded sheets which the children can work on (if you have access to a printer) but if you are unable to print, the children can complete the tasks on plain paper just as easily. 

As with the work set before half term, we would like all the home learning tasks handed in at school on Thursday 5th November



Can I add two 4-digit numbers with exchanges?

Today you will be using a new online resource that runs alongside the resources that we use in school and can be found on the link below.


Your parents have your login details.  When you log in to your account using your own individual username and password you will see a screen similar to that you can see below.  These are your lessons and activities that have been assigned for the three days.

You will need to work your way through the Add Two 4-digit Numbers Year 4 Lesson slides first.  You will need to click on the audio button on each page and the slide will be talked through.  Throughout the slides you will have a series of questions that you need to answer.  We can then monitor how you found the tasks.

Once you have completed the lesson slides, we would then like you to complete the Add Two 4-Digit Numbers Game.  As with the lesson slides, we will receive immediate feedback on how you have found the task.  Although you will need to answers questions straight on to the computer, it would be useful to have plain paper available to so that you can work out the answers.


Can I answer questions about a text to show my understanding?

Today, we’d like you to use Fiction Express to practise your reading and comprehension skills. Your parents have been emailed your login details and we have chosen three titles for you to have a look at.

Once you have picked one, read through the chapters, answer the questions at the end of each one and vote for how you think the story should continue.

You will find the quiz questions in the drop-down tab under the main picture. Your book choices are below and you may read them over the next three days. You don’t have to do all of the reading today.

The Dragon Inside Me by Adam Bushnell

Little Shop of Ghosts by Simon Cheshire

Frankie Stein’s Monster by Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler


Can I use search technologies effectively?

Following on from Black History Month and as a test of your computing skills, we’d like you to research one significant person from black history and write up a report about them. Tell us all about them and why you think they are important to black history. Think back to the significant people Mrs Driver has covered in her assemblies so far.

Remember those search skills we learned in Computing: choosing key words to help you search more accurately and changing the order of those words to see if it gives you different search results.

The YouTube video below is the one we watched in class about how to search safely. Make sure you have your safe search setting on, be specific with your key words, only use approved sites and avoid clicking on links and adverts. These pointers are also on the screenshots attached. You can add the words ‘for children’, ‘Year 4’ or ‘KS2’ to help narrow your search and make it safer.

We’ve added a second link as a reminder of how search works if you would like to look at it again.



Can I subtract two 4-digit numbers with exchanges?

Today’s lesson will again be using Classroom Secrets Kids.  Once logged on, you will need to complete the Subtract Two 4-digit numbers Year 4 lesson slides.  Work through the slides as you did yesterday answering the questions on screen as and when needed.

Once you have completed the lesson slides, we would then like you to complete the Year 4 Subtraction Game


Can you make all your adjectives and adverbs alliterative?

Continuing on from our poetry work before half term, we’d like youto complete the poem below. Can you use some synonyms (different words with the same meaning) for the adjectives or adverbs you add? Can you use rhyme? Will all your adjectives and adverbs be alliterative? (start with the same sound).

Animal Alphabet Poem

Choose interesting adjectives and adverbs to fill in the gaps of this poem. Make sure your chosen words match the right letter of the alphabet! The first two lines are done for you.

Ali is an anxious ant who runs angrily.

Betty is a beautiful butterfly who flies busily.

Cuddles is a _______ cat who sleeps _______

Dora is a _______ dog who barks _______

Egbert is an ________ elephant who swims _______

Flo is a _______ fox who eats _______

Gordon is a _______ giraffe who strides _______

Finish the poem, choosing names and animals of your own. Can you get all the way from A to Z? You may need a dictionary and thesaurus!


Can I identify what herbivores, carnivores and omnivores are?

We have spent last half term studying the human digestive system and teeth. We are now going to turn our attention to animals and their diets.  Please do both tasks:

Task 1: Have a go at this game to review what a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore is and sort some animals into the correct categories.

Task 2: Now we would like you to do some research. Fill in the sheet below.

Use the National Geographic website to find examples of animals for each category and as much information as you can about their diets.



Can I answer questions using my knowledge of addition and subtraction?

In this session, you will continue to use the skills learnt when answering questions involving addition and subtraction.  When you log on to Classroom Secrets Kids, you will have one task left to complete: this will be either Year 4 Word Problems Addition and Subtraction or Year 4 Add and Subtract Matching Card Game.  As with all the tasks completed this week, you will need a pen and paper to show your working out before inputting the answers on the screen.

The second activity for today is to participate in the latest Battle of the Bands competition on TTRS.  It has been lovely seeing so many of you get involved so far but we would like all of you to log on and compete at least once in the day’s battle.  Can Beech make a comeback and win today’s battle?


Can I write and edit a review?

Staying indoors is a great excuse for sitting down to a good film, so today we’re asking you to write a review about a movie and maybe create a poster to go with it.

  1. Choose a film (it can be one you’ve already seen), watch the movie and make notes using the checklist. You don’t need to print the checklist off; it can just be used as a guide.
  2. Use your notes to write the first draft of your review and use the checklist to see if you’ve included everything.
  3. Edit and improve your review. Check spellings and grammar. Have you used fronted adverbials? Can you change the conjunctions or adjectives you’ve used? Does adding an adverb or changing the noun make it more interesting? Have you used a variety of sentences and started them in different ways? Have you used Tip Top to help you separate your writing into paragraphs?

If you would like to, as an extra task for the afternoon, you could design and decorate a poster for the movie you reviewed. If the movie already has a poster, how would you make your design different to the original? Remember to use star ratings, quotes from your review or some made up ones from other people to entice people to go see the movie (this can just be one word e.g. ‘Amazing’ says Miss Eldridge, ‘Spellbinding’ says Mrs. Wheat or a whole phrase, ‘The best action movie you’ll see this year’ says Mrs. Mackilligan). It’ll need a tag line under the title and using a bright, bold font will draw people’s attention to it. You can hand draw it, use collage or do it on a computer; it’s your choice.


Last week we learnt about some of the symbols that are important in the Sikh religion. Please do both tasks. 

Task 1: Use the ‘My Symbols Activity Sheet’ to draw and write about some symbols that are important to you. They might be symbols for clubs, teams, or games that you enjoy. Perhaps start with the symbol for William Ransom on your school jumper! 

Task 2: One of the symbols we talked about is the Khanda which appears on the Sikh flag.  

Watch this video clip:

Look again at this page from the PowerPoint that talked about the Khanda. 

Try to draw a Khanda yourself and label the parts. If you need some help, you can use this sheet.  

Extension: Write what each of the parts represent.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s home learning, please contact us via email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please continue to keep an eye on the YR4 Twitter feed for any updates.

Take care,

The Year 4 team – Mrs Wheat – Miss Eldridge – Mrs Mackilligan