Bread Rolls ‘Prove’ a Success

Today was bread day in Willow Class as they each made a bread roll of their creation – one savoury and one sweet.

The class investigated current brands and flavours of bread and then developed their own ideas. They created a brand for their company and a name for their bread.

Choosing what to add was fun with chocolate, banana and cinnamon amongst the favoured sweet options. Cheese and onion, sundried tomato and garlic were popular savoury options.  

After making the dough in pairs, the children shaped it. They could shape them into lots of styles such as; the flower, twist, plait, knot, bow or simply a roll!

After proving them for 30 minutes for the yeast to take effect, the rolls were baked for 12-15 minutes.

The dining room smelt divine. The children were very excited to be taking them home and sampling them tonight. Hope parents get a little taste!

Well done Willow!