Home Learning Week 7

Well done on all your hard work. Remember to do English and Maths every day. Foundation subjects are optional but fun! Email us any questions, worries or examples of work you are proud of.

Unfortunately, our subscription to Languagenut has ended so try the website below to practise your French instead.



Please do continue reading lots. Don’t forget you can download First News in the News tab on this school website. Also, remember to use Fictionexpress. We hope you enjoyed Out of the Darkness last week.  Here are your 5 tasks for this week.  You can tackle them in any order you like.

Task 1 – Relative Clause Writing

Read through the Powerpoint about Relative Clauses.  This is revision as we have used Relative Clauses all the way through school.  Sometimes, we don’t always remember the terminology though! You will be using Relative Clauses in your writing task today.

Task 2 –  Poetry Reading and Writing. If you write a poem, please send it to us so we can share your great work.

Task 3 –  Reading Comprehension about Sir Captain Tom Moore

Task 4 – Spelling sheets pages 11-15

Task 5 – Task 5 – Big Write –  use this website again please https://www.pobble365.com   Flick through to find one that excites or interests you.  If you choose to write a story, remember to plan with an opening, build-up, dilemma/climax, resolution and ending.  Once finished, give yourself time to edit and improve.   However, you might choose to write a diary entry, a poem, a description of a setting, a letter from one of the characters, etc.  We would love to put some of your stories on the website so that you can all enjoy them.  Email to j.hall@wransom.herts.sch.uk

Mrs Mitchell’s maths group

This week I would like you to start by logging on to MyMaths and checking your account. Some of you will find that you have no work set there: this means all your work is up to date and completed to a good standard. Well done! In which case, please follow the work set for Mrs Wheat’s group with the same guidelnes as last week: set a time limit of 45 minutes and let me know if it gets too hard.

If you find you have work set on MyMaths, then please tackle that first. This is tasks that were set before that you have found hard or didn’t get around to completing. Please search for a lesson on that topic in the search bar of MyMaths and do that first, then do the task again. Let me know how you get on!

And your maths puzzle for this week: If I put one grain of rice on the first square of a chessboard, two on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, and double each time, how much rice would be on the 64th square? Try to work it out or estimate, then look here for the answer:

Mrs Wheat’s Maths group

Please continue to use the White Rose resources and Mymaths.


Mrs Hall’s Maths Group

I’ve heard positive feedback about the National Academy resources, but people still like White Rose and Mymaths! It doesn’t matter which resource you choose as long as you do Maths every day. If you need more, just do White Rose and National Academy – practice makes perfect! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are the White Rose resources for the week. They have powerpoints instead of videos this week. The Internet in Mrs Hall’s house is struggling today so they are all jumbled up! Sorry – do PPT 1, WO1 and ANS1 and so on each day.

Here are the National Academy links for this week:




https://www.thenational.academy/year-5/maths/to-convert-between-seconds-minutes-and-hours-year-5-wk3- 1


PHSE for Year 5 and 6

Watford FC has invited us to take part in their Positive Minds programme designed specifically for children your age.

Watch this introductory film by a Watford FC Player:

Read through the Week 1 Content Poster:

Read the worksheet task for instructions for your task this week:

Take the Quiz: Make sure that you sign up with your parent’s email address (NOT YOUR OWN). If you want to send a photo in to Watford FC, please ask your parents to email it to Mrs Hall giving their permission for us to do so as you may appear on their Twitter feed.


Code: 5062092


Your history task for this week is to design a poster advertising the Olympic Games – but in Ancient Greece. Do your research first as the games looked very different from how they are today. Make sure your poster includes all the information that someone thinking of attending would need to know: who is invited? what can they expect to see?  where will the games be held?

Watch this short film to get you back into Ancient Greece:


A good place to start your research is on this website: 


Tune in to the National History Museum on Friday 12th June 10.30-11.30 for Volcanoes Nature Live Online.


Meet Museum researcher Gerallt Hughes to find out what it is like to study and explore a volcano.


A balance challenge! All you need for this challenge is a toilet roll. Standing up, lean back slightly, put the toilet roll on its end and balance it on your forehead. Not so tricky so far. Now, can you walk around the room while keeping it in place? That’s a bit harder. Now, can you lower yourself to the ground until you’re lying flat on your back with the toilet roll still in place? That’s harder. Now can you get back up again? Well done if you can!

Science – Lesson 6 Plant Classification – it’s the perfect time of year to go outside to investigate.



This week, we are challenging you to create a Zentangle, which is a very elaborate and detailed piece of art created from repeated patterns. The finished result can look very professional. This is great for those of you who say, “I can’t draw!” You know who you are… This is also a great task for practising mindfulness and it’s very absorbing.

Before you start, you will need paper, a pencil, and ideally a black fine liner and black Sharpie, but if all you have to hand is a pencil and paper, that will be fine too. There is a detailed description in the video below, but it is rather long. Feel free to fast forward once you get the idea. Don’t forget to send us your creations: we love to see them!



Watch each of the learning clips listed below and then take Quiz no. 2. 

What are dynamics?

What is structure?

What is notation?

How does music make you feel?

What is musical performance?

What is composition?

Now try Bitesize Music Quiz 2


Your challenge this week is to make a planter, using recycled materials. For this you will need: some soil or compost, a plant or seeds and a container. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your school shoes or trainers? They could start a new life as plant pots – but please check with an adult before you repurpose your shoes and  put soil in them!  There are lots of great ideas for objects to use on the following websites, from very simple to very elaborate – or you may have a different idea altogether. Don’t forget to add drainage holes if you use a non-porous object. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! And of course, we’ll have a go at home too…




Year 6 PHSE

Session 2 – Unlocking your mind