Reception Learning- Week Beginning 13th July

The children have enjoyed learning about elephants and penguins over the past two weeks. Now it is the final week of the summer term and it’s all about pirates!! Please use the planning and resources as you would like and remember it is all optional.

The children have amazed us at how resilient and adaptive they have been over these past weeks and they have worked and played hard. Thank you to all the families for their hard work and support during these unusual and often difficult times. The Reception Team are truly grateful and although we are very sad not to have had the full year with our classes we look forward to seeing the children grow and flourish as they continue their journey through the school.

Please continue to use the contact details below if you have any questions or would like to share work:



Literacy plan

Pirate writing school day 1

Jake’s First Day Board Game (Instructions)

Jake’s Board Game board

Jake’s Board Game questions

Jed the Pirate

Phonic coins to read

Comprehension reading practice


Maths plan

Count on treasure hunt -school day one

Count back treasure hunt – school day one

Snakes and Ladders – school day one

Pirate Mania school day 2

Blank game

Maths Storytime

Another maths game


Pirate number line

Pirate subtraction

Crack the Code

Pirate dot to dot