Class 1R visit Celtic Harmony Camp

On Thursday 14th March Class 1R visited the Celtic Harmony Camp near Hertford as part of their History and Geograpy topic work. The children took part in lots of activities including den building, flour grinding, making bread, making friendship bracelets and trading valuable items. The children learned a lot about life in Celtic times and … Read more

The Year 6s Lion King Trip

Each year the Year 6s visit London to experience live West End theatre. Once again we were taking them to see the Lion King, however we weren’t too sure if we would get the backstage tour that we have been lucky enough to have in previous years. We set off early so that we could … Read more

Reception class visit Stevenage Museum to investigate toys.

A trip on the train was a great start to the outing and the children enjoyed waiting for their train and watching the fast trains speed through the station. With trains running to time and helpful guards the one stop trip to Stevenage went brilliantly and the walk through the town to the museum went … Read more

Class 3’s visit to The Fitzwilliam Museum

As part of our History work this term, Class 3 visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to view their Ancient Egyptians galleries and take part in an art workshop. On arrival we were greeted by Lucy, one of the museum’s curators, who took us to the galleries and spoke to the children about different aspects … Read more

Trip to Buckingham Palace

As part of our history unit of work on the Victorians, Class 5-6D spent the day in London learning more about Queen Victoria’s reign and Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.The day was split in two with the children visiting the Royal Mews first before exploring Buckingham Palace in the afternoon. The children enjoyed taking part … Read more