Key Stage 2 had a BLAST – literally!

On Thursday 4th July, the whole of Key Stage 2 went on a school trip to the Broadway Theatre in Letchworth to see the 'Ministry of Science' live stage show. It promised a lot! 100% educational, 200% entertainment, 300% explosive and 400% fun. They didn't lie – it was amazing! It was all about forces; … Read more

Horrible Histories: The Best of Barmy Britain

On Wednesday Years 1 – 5 travelled to Letchworth by train to go to the Broadway Theatre to see ‘Horrible Histories: The Best of Barmy Britain’.  Going by train was quite an adventure.  It was only a short journey but staff at both Hitchin and Letchworth made us feel very welcome and organised our large … Read more

Our final day in Wales

Where has the week gone? Suddenly we are at Thursday evening; we’ve climbed mountains, jumped rivers, visited castles, played football on the beach and eaten ice creams! Our final day is always action packed! We started at Harlech Castle, with a wonderful new entrance this year! We saw a film showing the action seen at … Read more

Latest Tales from Wales

Today was amazing and many of the children achieved something they never dreamed possible! We were focussing on ‘changes’ and mainly the changing landscape and our walk up over Cnicht mountain was spectacular for this. We used the minibuses from the Plas to take us to the foot of the mountain and we started our … Read more

Chair of Governors blog from North Wales

Tuesday morning and we woke to beautiful sunshine.  Well, not all the children actually woke up at 7.30pm, some needed a little persuasion to get out of bed.  A sign of a very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday walking up Snowdon.  All achieved the goal, a fantastic achievement, and it did not rain!  I … Read more

Headteacher’s Blog from Wales 1

Well here I am again, sitting in a beautiful mansion house late in the evening with 39 year 6 pupils as asleep somewhere above me! Yes, once again I am on school journey in Snowdonia and so far the weather has been amazing! We left school at 9.15 yesterday and it was a long and … Read more

Blog from Wales by the Chair of Governors

Hello from sunny Wales.  Looking at the forecast at the start of the week, I didn't think I'd be saying that!  We've really been very lucky with the weather so far and tomorrow is looking good as well for our trip to Harlech castle and the beach. Last year was my first year 6 school … Read more

The Final Welsh Blog!

Suddenly we have reached the end of another School Journey! Just a quick update on our day’s events as it is late, the house is quiet, everyone is asleep and I should be too! We woke this morning to bright sunshine which is exactly what was wanted for our day in Harlech! It was an … Read more

More Tales from Wales!

Goodness me, what a day we have had! The day dawned slightly better than other mornings which meant we were set fair for our walk up over the mountain. We set off in mini buses for the tiny hamlet of Croessor where our walk was to start. It is a tiny village and we were … Read more

More News from Wales

Goodness me! How lucky were we with the weather? All of the forecasts were indicating that today was to be our worst day for weather but in reality we hardly got any rain at all! After another peaceful, undisturbed night, everyone tucked into a hearty breakfast, before heading off to Caernarfon for the day! The … Read more